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Is it wise to refurbish a bathroom in your rental house?

With the increasing skyrocket price of properties nowadays, it has been difficult for people to purchase a house on their own. Many people, especially young working adults have resorted to renting a house instead of buying a house because they could not afford to fork out a large amount to pay for the housing loan. Therefore, they diligently look for houses to rent. There are many houses available in the market for rent, interested renters can check out the houses for rent in Cyberjaya. With great rental comes with its disadvantage as well - old bathrooms. If you happen to secure a house with cheap rental, it most probably comes with old bathrooms. There might also be the only one bathroom available, which can be something inconvenient for you. However, you are not sure if it is a good idea to refurbish a bathroom in your rental house. Fret not, this article will help you to decide if refurbishing a bathroom in your rental house is a wise choice or not.

 1. Location
If you plan to build an extra bathroom, make sure you discuss with your landlord before deciding to prevent the breach of contract. Building an extra bathroom will also depend on the house’s layout and location. You will need to find the right spot in the house to locate the water lines and wastes line. It is essential that you locate the existing plumbing as it is best to build a bathroom where there is already plumbing. That being said, if the floor plan allows, you can add a new bathroom next to the existing bathroom. If not, you can always choose to build a bathroom below or above the existing wastes line, provided if you have enough space.

You will also need to make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. A bathroom with windows not only ensures a well ventilated space, but brings in natural sunlight to the space as well.

2. Building codes
In addition, you might need to check with the city or state authority on the building codes before deciding on whether you can refurbish a bathroom in your rental house.

Malaysia has its own building code anmed the Uniform Building By Laws 1984 that is enforced by local authorities and it is applicable to all types of building that is constructed in local authorities area. This building regulations stipulate the procedures for the building plans approval and the means of development. It is a building code that provides the requirements that include space light and ventilations, structural requirements, fire requirements, fire detections, fire alarms and temporary work.

Therefore, you will need to obtain a permit before building an additional bathroom. This is essential and mandatory as you will need to obtain the permit before you get the refurbishment work started. Moreover, the permit ensures that the bathroom configuration is approved and legal.

The design of the bathroom is greatly determined by the space of your rental place. Discuss with your designer on how to maximize the space if you were to refurbish a bathroom. If your bathroom is small in size, you might want to make full use of the space and opt for a wall-mounted toilet that is hung on the wall. Contrary to the belief that small bathroom equals to ugly bathroom, you can actually create a luxury beautiful bathroom if you spend more time to scout for items that best fit your bathroom. Not only you get to beautify your bathroom, you get to maximize your bathroom space as well. However, if you plan to have a bathtub, you will then need a bigger space.

Engage in a designer if you want a beautiful bathroom. You can tell your designer your dream bathroom with the color that you prefer, types of bathtub and lightings that you like. However, if your budget is tight and you wish to get your hands on with the design and decorations, you could also visit Pinterest to get inspirations and do it yourself. Moreover, you can easily get those bathroom items through online shopping websites.

In conclusion, you will need to do your planning before you decide to refurbish a bathroom in your rental home. You will also need to have a plumbing budget as a new bathroom does not come cheap. It costs approximately RM5,000 to RM6,000 to build a new bathroom and that is only for the basics in the bathroom. Other furnishing such as bathtub, shower heads, mirror and others  might require a bigger budget. Hence, do your research, contact your contractor and plumber to draw out a plan before you start adding a bathroom in your rental house. Most importantly, you need to get approval from your landlord before you start the planning.

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